What is Philosophy and Mission Statement?

A. School Philosophy and Mission

The educational philosophy of AMA Computer Learning Center (ACLC) rests on its commitment to be of service to students through the provision of an environment where there would be opportunities to relate theories and knowledge to practical training. The Center focuses the students to a life and future integrated with the real working world.

With this theory in Education, ACLC then dedicates itself to the molding of future professionals in attaining a dream, to take an active role in the education and training of the students through continous innovation of education program and evaluation of industry needs.

B. Specific Aims  

1. Provide the students with the necessary tools and knowledge to enable them to be functionally creative, economically productive and to attain their potentials as professionals.
2. Provide the students with the necessary information and training to enable them to understand interrelationship of everyday living.
3. Establish quality education to prepare students for leadership in meeting the challenges of national development making them aware of the ideas, values and motivation, necessary to become effective professional leaders in the community where they belong.
4. Inculcate in them the importance of universal values, such as self-respect, honesty, obedience, thrift, comparison, punctuality, social responsibility, self-reliance, and self-discipline.
5. Aim to produce a fully functional individual with insights and sense of purpose in life.
6. Hope to produce a total person possessing broad judgment, tolerant, intelligent, and capable of making positive contribution to our country's development and the goals of the national government towards national consciousness and social responsibility for the common good of humanity.